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All On 4 Implants Turkey

January 11, 2023by Dentares Smile Clinic

All on 4 implants in Turkey ⎸Prices, pros and cons

The all on 4 treatment in Turkey has become a very popular and relatively inexpensive dental restoration treatment in middle-aged to older patients experiencing a rapidly declining oral status. In this blog we will discuss what the all on 4 treatment is, who’s it suitable for, price comparison analysis, and the advantages and disadvantages of having this treatment.

The all on 4 treatment was developed by Dr. Paulo Malo in 1998. Since then, the All-on-4 method has been used as a standard treatment internationally for patients experiencing severe bone loss, particularly in the posterior (back) region. Patients who present with a deteriorated oral status have their remaining teeth removed and then 4 implants are placed on each jaw. Typically implants are placed 90 degrees, vertically. However, in the all on 4 treatment, the two implants on the posterior (back) region are placed on a 45 degree angle, facing towards the back of the mouth. The reason for this is that the sinus cavities on the upper jaw and nerve canals of the lower jaw can be avoided due to the loss of bone structure. The angle of these implants provide support to a fixed prosthesis of 12 teeth. The all on 4 treatment is such a standard treatment that dental implant companies provide research and development into implant technologies to enhance biocompatibility and longevity of all on 4 treatments. For information on how the all on 4 treatment is completed, visit our All On 4 page here.

…Our international patients have reported that they’ve been quoted between £30,000 and £40,000 in the UK.

Patients usually come to Dentares complaining of pains while eating on less than half of their original teeth remaining. They have difficulty eating the foods they once enjoyed while their dentures fall out on their plate. Teeth are chipped, broken, wobbly and roots exposed,  If this sounds like your current condition, you might be suitable for the all on 4 treatment. To determine suitability, a patient will require an x-ray and tomography scan. The doctor examines these scans for a few immediate factors. In upper jaw cases, if the sinus has invaded the bone structure to the point of only a few millimetres available. Then sinus lifting and bone graft would make this a riskier surgery and so, the all on 4 treatment is recommended. If there is severe bone loss on the bottom jaw, the all on 4 treatment is recommended to avoid the nerve canal that goes from the back of the jaw to the outside of the chin. Complications such as a burst sinus, excessive bleeding and nerve damage are risks not worth taking in order to include posterior implants. In every case, the patient needs to consult a doctor’s professional opinion and cannot be self-diagnosed.

All on 4 Treatment at Dentares is up to 75% cheaper than the UK

Once the Maxillofacial surgeon has confirmed that the all on 4 treatment is suitable for the patient, finances are often discussed shortly after. Our international patients have reported that they’ve been quoted between £30,000 and £40,000 in the UK. Dentares in Turkey can provide the all on 4 treatment for between £7,000 and £9,000 making treatment in Turkey up to 75% cheaper. While providing bed and breakfast accommodation, VIP transportation to and from airport, hotel and appointments, consultation, x-ray, tomography, pre-operative cleaning and medications complimentary. It’s also important for readers to be aware of extra fees that might be included in their dental implant treatments such as: extractions, abscess cleans and bone grafting. Lastly, all our implant patients receive a free temporary prosthesis. For a more in depth UK vs. Turkey implant cost analysis, visit the DENTAL IMPLANTS IN UK VS TURKEY – PRICES, PROS AND CONS blog.

For readers that are considering the all on 4 treatment in Turkey, it’s always best to build a pros and cons list to help you decide if this treatment is right for you. Here are a few reasons to consider treatment:

  • Bone structure preservation is of the utmost importance to the patient and doctor. Implant intervention dramatically decreases the advancement of bone loss.
  • The patient’s bite is functional to eat the foods they once enjoyed such as steak.
  • An instant bloom of confidence when their aesthetic and natural looking fixed prosthetics are fitted.
  • Patients enjoy the aesthetic designer smile and a shade of white they feel happy with.
  • In the UK, the all on 4 treatment requires 9 to 12 months to complete. At Dentares in Antalya, Turkey, you can complete the all on 4 treatment within 3 months.
  • All on 4 Treatment at Dentares is up to 75% cheaper than the UK.
  • At Dentares, specialist doctors are assigned for each stage of treatment, ensuring patients are tended to by experts for each treatment, every step of the way.
  • The Hotel, Clinic and Antalya City are incredibly safe for tourists.

Alternatively patients need to be aware of the disadvantages of the all on 4 treatment, such as:

  • The healing process can often be uncomfortable and timely, so readers need to be patient and be aware of their diet and lifestyle choices such as drinking and smoking.
  • Patients are required to travel from their home countries to Turkey for treatment. So they need to manage work and life responsibilities. However this is only for a 3 month to 6 month period. Compared to the UK, patients actually save 3-6 months of treatment time.
  • The treatment can be expensive because of the surgical risk, and fully accredited and licensed doctors, clinic and staff. In comparison to the UK though, Dentares is 75% cheaper.
  • Smokers are advised to quit smoking and use nicotine patches if necessary.
  • Patients will wait during their recovery time with temporary dentures.
  • Actively caring for the implants and cleaning them every day
  • Rare complications include temporary numbness, bleeding, infection and implant failure

In summary, the patient is suitable for the all on 4 treatment by examining factors on the patient’s x-ray and tomography. These include: an invaded sinus and bone loss on the upper jaw with bone structure available in the anterior region; and only available bone structure on the lower jaw’s anterior region. By avoiding placing implants in these posterior regions, the patient is not subject to extra treatments and costs and negates risky surgeries otherwise unnecessary. Dr. Pualo Malo developed this technique in 1998 which is now internationally accepted as the standard for fixed prosthesis restorations in severe bone loss patients. UK and other international patients are able to receive all on 4 treatment by our highly experienced and qualified Maxillofacial surgeon for up to 75% cheaper in Dentares Smile Clinic. By assessing the advantages and disadvantages, readers can feel comfortable making a decision to consider this treatment. If you’d like an online consultation and a quoted treatment plan, contact our dental team today.