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January 11, 2023
Veneers UK vs Turkey

VENEERS IN UK VS TURKEY – PRICES, PROS AND CONS UK patients considering veneer treatment should first consider the pros and cons of dental veneer treatment locally or abroad. There are a few advantages and disadvantages worth discussing so the reader can make an informed choice. Before we jump into it, what is a dental...

January 11, 2023
How Much Are Dental Implants In Turkey?

How much are dental implants in Turkey? Since the early 2000’s tourists realised the fractional cost of dental treatments in Turkey while on holiday which has led to dental tourism. In particular, international patients have flocked from Western countries for dental implant treatments. We will explore modern implants brands and technologies, Turkey’s economic factors, hidden...

January 11, 2023
Dental Implants UK vs Turkey

DENTAL IMPLANTS IN UK VS TURKEY – PRICES, PROS AND CONS For many years patients have flocked from the UK to Turkey for cheap and reliable dental treatments including dental implant surgery. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of implant treatment between the UK and Turkey including cost-price analysis. Briefly, an implant is a...

January 11, 2023
All On 4 Implants Turkey

All on 4 implants in Turkey ⎸Prices, pros and cons The all on 4 treatment in Turkey has become a very popular and relatively inexpensive dental restoration treatment in middle-aged to older patients experiencing a rapidly declining oral status. In this blog we will discuss what the all on 4 treatment is, who’s it suitable...